IVCAD’s Key Features

  • Turnkey solution for un-matched RF transistors‚Äô characterization & modeling
  • Pulsed IV and Pulsed S Parameter measurements for quasi-isothermal measurements for different bias conditions
  • Complete Load Pull characterization for model validation and Power Amplifier Design using MXE and MXP Load impedances
  • Transistor‚Äôs Compact modeling solution to ensure reliable simulation in linear and nonlinear conditions, for different temperatures
  • Simple and Rigorous patented Stability analysis tool for monolithic microwave amplifier design with enhanced performances

IVCAD 3.10.2 Modules

IVCAD Device Characterization is a comprehensive and advanced measurement platform which enables RF & Microwave component characterization, through pulsed IV , S parameters and load pull measurements.

IVCAD EPHD Modeling is a turnkey black-box modeling solution based on load pull measurements which overcomes the challenge of extracting packaged or on-wafer transistors models in a short time. It enables accurate load pull simulation with commercial harmonic balance simulators.

Designs that lead to unstable MMIC circuits are expensive and extremely time consuming. STAN tool secures your design flow, and reveals hidden circuit instabilities in linear or nonlinear operating conditions.


Pre-RF Pulsed IV Measurements for Enhanced Transistor Compact Modeling
AMCAD RF Prepulsed measurement integrated with MPI Probe Station
Automated On Wafer Transistor Pulsed IV measurements
Transistor Compact modeling and model implementation in MWO
Load pull measurements and transistor model validation
AWR PA design using AMCAD transistor compact model
IVCAD EPHD Behavioral Model
STAN Tool - Experimental example on how to characterize the critical poles of a circuit
STAN Tool - Stability Analysis using Microwave Office from AWR-Cadence
Vector receiver load-pull measurements
High-Power High-Gamma Hybrid-Active Waveguide Load Pull Measurements at 50-110 GHz

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