About us

Who do we work for?

Our customers are large international groups that develop semiconductor technologies, in the field of electronics for telecommunications, a well as in the aerospace and defense fields. We also have close relationships with equipment manufacturers who use these semiconductors to develop communication systems that must be reliable, robust, secure, such as 5G.

What do we do ?

Amcad engineering is an innovative company , specialized in the development of software and hardware solutions for testing, modeling and simulating radiofrequency electronic circuits.

Where are we located ?

The company is based in Limoges and Toulouse, France, very attractive cities in terms of quality of life and purchasing power. We also have strategic partners based in the Netherlands and in California, with whom we exchange daily to address a global market.

What is our mission ?

Very high-speed internet, the internet of things, soon intelligent connected factories, all of these technologies consume a lot of energy. Helping our customers to design energy-efficient communication systems is a fundamental mission for the company.

What are our values ?

AMCAD Engineering is above all a team, where people enjoy working with each other. We pay particular attention to the continuous education project, which allows everyone to remain competitive on the job market, and also to flourish in the frame of their professional project. A system is put in place, which redistributes a significant part of the operating profit to our employees.

Contact us

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