We are glad to announce that AMCAD has completed the installation of a new load pull measurement setup operating at V-band to test new power transistors made by United Monolithic Semiconductors.

Challenge to address

UMS is developing new technologies of RF power transistors, for V-band applications. In order to evaluate their performance for maximum power and efficiency, a load pull measurement bench capable of providing high-gamma load impedances in the probe reference plane was required.

Solution provided

Pre-validation of the bench perf

As a system integrator, AMCAD took in charge the responsibility of the power budget study, to select and resell the best RF measurement equipment needed to meet the desired specifications.

To address this need, Maury Microwave Nano5G nano-tuners were selected, mounted directly on RF GSG probes. Such tuners allow high reflection coefficients; up to 0.9 @ 60GHz at the Device Under Tests plane. These tuners embed bidirectional coupler enabling high accuracy measurements when combined with a VNA to measure input and output a&b waves.

As a Keysight Solution Partner, AMCAD also provided a PNA-X with relevant options for hybrid V-band load pull applications. This solution was completed by two Maury’s power amplifiers covering the 50GHz to 67GHz band, delivering a power up to 5W.

Our IVCAD load pull software solution was then used to qualify the overall bench performance with a transistor within AMCAD’s Lab. After this first acceptance process, the solution was then delivered as a turn-Key solution.

Thanks to the various optimizations, the maximum gain measurement error measured on a thru at 60GHz for a gamma reaching 0.85, for all phases (0-360°), was less than 0.25dB.

Final installation of the Bench installation at UMS

Indeed, the gain measurement on a thru is the most critical value in terms of validation in a non-50 Ohm measurement environment. A particular point of attention was the management of the flatness of the contact of the RF probe attached to the tuners on the calibration kit. Specific accessories were developed for this purpose.

By using this tool, UMS will be able to test new generations of GaN devices with high levels of confidence, and we are proud to be part of this journey.

About UMS

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