Rf Power Amplifier Module

RF amplification test bench system integrated into a 19″ chassis.

The RF Power Amplifier Module is an essential building block in a test bench. The diversity and complexity of RF chains often require the selection of different amplifier modules.

AMCAD provides amplification systems that can easily be integrated into a test bench.

In case a specific integration is required (multi-channel amplifying solutions, multi-bandwidth modules with automatic switching capabilities, low noise solutions … ), AMCAD can build turnkey solutions around active RF modules.

Rf Amplifier Module
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Finding a high-power RF Amplifier that covers the desired frequency band with the required power level is not always possible. Therefore, our customers use different models of amplifiers, which must be connected or disconnected from the bench according to their needs. These manual interventions prevent test automation, despite the sweep plan features offered by IQSTAR software.

In addition, some of our customers use power amplifier modules rather than instrument-type amplifiers. External power supplies are then necessary to supply the bias circuits requiring complex handling, increasing the footprint and the risk of errors. Indeed, such a setup imposes checking that all the peripheral power supplies are suitable, available during implementation, and controlled according to a specific sequencing to bias the different stages of the RF chain.

On the other hand, the operator has no feedback concerning the operating status of his RF module (temperature, supplied voltage, current consumption, etc.).

In the event of a malfunction on the test bench or drift in the RF modules performance, without a specific communication protocol, this information is not sent directly to the control software, which can lead to the loss of information or even a deterioration of the equipment.


AMCAD offers the integration of your RF modules in secure frames. The module or amplifier chain is transformed into a turnkey test solution. The rackable chassis-based hardware adapts to customer needs and incorporates the fundamentals of AMCAD systems, such as USB/LAN communication and alarm feedback from digital signals.

The control of these Rack Mount amplifiers through the control box simplifies the interaction between the different bench systems using IQSTAR.

Different amplifier blocks can be integrated within a single chassis to cover all customer needs. Via the management of switching circuits, automatic gain control or VSWR, the chassis makes it possible to automatically cover all test needs over a wide range of power and frequency without the need to replace one piece of equipment with another..

Rackmount amplifier Module

In this example, a wideband amplifier is integrated into a 19″ 3U chassis with alarms from the amplifier module. The module’s power supply and feedback signals are monitored. The amplifier can be autonomously and quickly unbiased in the event of an alarm, and the data is recoverable by USB.

Rf Amplifier Module

Integration of Complex RF Chains

In this example, 3 independant RF chains embedding different LNA, using X-Microwave modules, are integrated into a 19″ 3U chassis. A dedicated monitored DC source powers each amplifier module, and the sequencing of the power supplies ensures a secure switch-on and switch-off of the DC bias. Each channel can be unbiased independently and rapidly in the event of an alarm, and the data can be recovered by USB.

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