AMCAD Engineering has observed and analyzed different challenges that RF & MW system designers face :

The challenge lies in integrating complex electronic functions in a single simulation tool to validate the consistency of the whole. This integration requires simulating in the same environment circuits from various designs (digital, analog RF and antennas). This first step can also be made even more complex when part of the system to be simulated has already been manufactured. In this case, it is not always possible to realistically represent the circuit by simulation files.

  • Need for intellectual Propriety protection to exchange designs without sharing know-how

  • During a system design, discovering performance problems is often too late in the process and very expensive to resolve (reverse engineering, feedback loops). How to make sure to anticipate them early in the design phases?

  • There is no real bottom-up validation process through a design flow when using simple models and simulators (spreadsheets).

  • Impossible to simulate large-scale systems such as active antennas with realistic signals (5G) considering the complex phenomena of electrical, electromagnetic coupling.

  • Unable to assess signal integrity in a mixed, digital, analog system (SOC, SIP, linearization algorithm).

  • You need to limit validation measurements during production phases because they are long and expensive.

  • You want to do system simulation as a new player, but you do not know which software to consider. How to size your needs in terms of simulators, models while respecting your budget?

  • When launching a co-simulation at the circuit-system level, the simulation times are much too long for the process to be usable.

  • You chose an RF circuit, and you find it difficult to accurately assess the impact of this choice on the overall performance of your system (typical case of active antennas)

  • You seek to assess the overall performance of a system design, but the integration of the description of heterogeneous elements is complex (digital and analog RF circuits, antennas, optics)

  • You are using dataflow simulators, but the available models are not sufficiently descriptive of your technology.

  • You encounter difficulties in certifying that the system will meet the imposed qualification criteria.
Antenna simulation icone PC