AMCAD Engineering has observed and analyzed various challenges that Original Equipment Manufacturers face :

  • You already have multiple instruments:
    • You have a wide range of instruments whose connection to a measurement bench requires specific expertise for optimal control.
    • Your internal software is difficult to sustain, and there have been very few changes over the years due to a lack of dedicated resources.
    • You bought new equipment/instruments that your internal software cannot support.
    • You want to upgrade some software features, but this can cause backward compatibility issues.
    • Your internal software is too slow or difficult to maintain.
    • Your software is not user-friendly.

  • You have several measurement benches in different countries: the instrument models are different. As a result, you encounter problems with procedures and the standardization of the measurement method.

  • You design and conceive RF power amplifiers, and you need to demonstrate their linearization using different DPD algorithms.

  • As a new player on the market, your primary need is to sell your circuits quickly. You need characterization software, but you cannot develop it yourself due to a lack of time, budget, or not matching your core business.

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