We have observed different challenges that need to be addressed by MMIC designers, our customers usually provide us the feedbacks below :

  • When designing a Power Amplifier with a circuit simulator, the simulation and the measurement results are not perfectly aligned, and a second Run can be needed after some retro-engineering works, which is quite time consuming and expensive.
  • The transistor model provided by the foundry can be good in general, but not enough for my particular design. I want the model to be perfectly accurate for these specific operating conditions. I want the optimal circuit performances using a given transistor technology.
  • Sometime, I need to launch different RF power amplifier designs in parallel to select the one which offer the best performances, it’s more expensive and time consuming, but less risky.
  • I don’t really know if my RF PA will be matched on 50 Ohms. Maybe we will need to apply some kind of tuning to optimize the PAE or the output power. It looks like the load impedance need to be tuned again. I am afraid that the system performances will be degraded if there is a mismatch between the cascaded circuits.
  • There are some parasitic oscillations at unexpected frequencies, I can’t use this design. I need to restart a new design iteration ; I lost several months !!

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