Key features:

VISION is a unique comprehensive modeling platform that makes system simulation reliable enough to replace costly measurement tasks of large system architectures.

VISION offers a comprehensive methodology to extract complete and accurate RF & MW circuit behavioral models which take into account all observed phenomena.

VISION enables leveraging circuit models to design complex system architectures using its schematic editor to ensure a reliable bottom-up design flow process.

  • Turn-key circuit and system-level modeling environment.
  • Measurement Benches control for model extraction and validation.
  • Device modeler toolbox for active and passive circuits (LNAs, HPAs, Filters, Mixers…)
  • System-Level Macro-Modeling solutions and direct export functionalities to main commercial system simulators.

VISION 2.4.1 Modules

Export the signals in magnitude and phase of each front-end circuit to display the true radiation pattern of the antenna from a 3rd party EM simulator.

The SYSTEM ARCHITECT helps to build RF subsystem architecture and to simulate its overall performance through a time-domain simulation.

Probes are used to measure the performances of the system at various nodes in the architecture, using standard figure-of-merit (instantaneous power in the time domain, average power, efficiency, consumption, ACPR, …).

VISION SYSTEM MODEL EXPORT LICENCE enables exporting system architecture as a macro-model with its internal equation solver to a third party system simulator.

This Whiteboard module allows the user to create and customize as many graphics as necessary and position them into a user-defined template. It is possible to incorporate texts and images. An interactive display, including tables and graphics, can be generated using different filters or sliders.


Behavioral Modeling and System Simulation using VISION
Simulation of an Active Antenna, load pull effect caused by the beamsteering on the Power amplifier / EUMW 2021 London
Vision Quick Overview
Analog Beamformer Modeling

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