Whiteboard’s Key Features

  • Facilitate import and export data measurement or simulation file format commonly used with RFsoftwares
  • Predefined templates for RF data analysis
  • Prebuilt post-processing functions (depending of the software modules activated with your Software licence)
  • Page style and size can be defined to ensure consistency with your internal documentation
  • Embed your logo, pictures, text description
  • Access to Dynamic graphs based on parameter adjustment, rather than a multitude of graphs
  • Enable advanced data post-processing and data filtering using the Whiteboard Scripting tool
  • Enable to export and share data management templates under the format of a Whiteboard Deployed Viewer or Whiteboard Free Viewer
  • In combination with the SCRIPTING tool, users can even create customized buttons (Toggle, radio button, slide bar, checkbox…) connected to specific scripts, which can activate all the functions offered by the various modules supplied with the license. Customized IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can then be developed in the Whiteboard to script measurement sequences, or advanced post-processing and data display functions.

Whiteboard 1.6 Modules

The Whiteboard software Suite is offered with the following options, and each module addresses different needs.

  • Whiteboard Editor
  • Scripting Add-on
  • Deployment add-on
  • Whiteboard Viewer
  • Free workspace Viewer


SCRPT- Scripting Add-On

On top of that, a list of useful controls is made available to initiate different scripts, like:

  • Radio buttons
  • Edited text field
  • Buttons
  • Check box
  • And more

The script editor supports syntax coloring, auto-complete functions as you type. It also highlights matching braces, allows for code folding, and has additional features to help develop scripts more quickly. Error messages and output are shown in the log window.

The Whiteboard Editor lets users create their own Data Display and Data Analysis Templates, for advanced data analysis and post processing.

WHIT10 - Whiteboard Editor

The Whiteboard Editor WHIT-10 module allows engineers to develop their ideal data analysis templates.

If in your workflow :

  • You struggle with the limitation of your visualization Tool.
  • You need to switch between different interfaces with different tools for different file formats.
  • You need to manipulate multiple files to analyze some information.
  • The number of graphs and displayed parameters is limited. 
  • You want to adjust your workspace to explore more in-depth the results obtained.
  • You want to be more creative in the manner of presenting your results.

Then, the Whiteboard Editor is for you. This one allows the development of flexible data analysis templates tailored for your needs. It allows adjusting the visualization parameters and contains the necessary controls to make the interface more user-friendly and easier to read.

Whiteboard Screen shot

The Whiteboard supports different measurement data in several formats given by IVCAD, IQSTAR, or third-party measurement platforms. You can easily display

  • S-Parameters
  • Nested frequency and Power measurement sweeps
  • Modulated Signal measurements for different parameters
  • Load Pull data to design matching circuits

Defaults graphs are proposed according to the file formats and the data content. Drag on drop the  chart frame, and pre-optimized figures are then displayed.

When using simulation tools such as VISION or third-party RF simulators, data files can be  multidimensional with customized parameters. Because of the potentially unlimited number of
dimensions explored during the simulation work, the Whiteboard is an unrivaled tool when both  flexibility and performance are needed to extract the files' core information.

If it’s important to display the behavior of the design or the device under multiple conditions, the Whiteboard data illustration is based on a “Parent-Child” structure. This characteristic allows each control
(Graph, Tables, Wafer, Filters…) to use data from either the input file or another control.

Using a multipage structure, the analysis tool offers the possibility to arrange the workspace in dedicated sections for an enhanced user experience. The data can be displayed in different formats:
• Graphs (XY, Polar, Smith Charts, 2D and 3D)
• Tables
• Equations
• Pictures

Multiple controls are available to navigate through the data and extract desired parameters:

  • Filters allow displaying curves at specific conditions like frequency, date, temperature…
  • Converters allow converting specific curve types (S-parameters, Power Sweep, Video-Bandwidth, Modulated Power Sweep...) into "Generic" ones to compare data from different sources.
  • Mergers allow merging multiple curves type in one.
  • Extractors allow extracting curve values at specific conditions (Pout level, Pin level, Gain compression, ACPR level ...) through an interpolation process.
  • Stackers allow stacking multiple curves to generate 3D graphs.

The user has full control of each graph's position, and size and the interface can be enhanced with explanatory text, banners, and images to make the analysis experience clearer and more user-friendly.

Used as a complement to the Whiteboard Editor license, the deployment service enables customized data display or analysis template environments to be exported as independent tools for third parties.

For example, an engineer can create a specific measurement report template and provide it as a pre-configured tool for colleagues in the laboratory.

Using their Whiteboard visualization tool, technicians can then reuse the template and supplement it with their own measurement data, to update graphs and figures accordingly.

The deployment service can also be used to export certain data displays, with embedded measurement files that cannot be replaced by other data files. In this case, the reader will use the Whiteboard Free visualization tool, which does not require a paid license.

WHIT11 - Whiteboard Deployment Add-On

The Deployment add-on of the Whiteboard, WHIT11, was specifically developed to help users facing issues like:

  • Lack of standardization of the data analysis process inside a given group of users
  • Limited numbers of available licenses of the software
  • Time wasting in generating reports for colleagues and customers
  • Different iterations to provide static reports to support customer requests

Whiteboard Scripting

When the WHIT10 Whiteboard Editor generates a new iteration of the template, the WHIT11 Deployment tool helps the user share its personalized template among colleagues to standardize the data analysis process within its company or with customers in the format of an interactive report.

This option offers a competitive tool that supports a company's growth by providing the right means to complete the work and provides a flexible solution in a timely manner.

This feature is not available when using other third-party RF commercial simulators which have not been designed to support this particular need.

The Whiteboard Deployment option allows generating a workspace to be shared within the company or with a group of users while allowing access to interactive data analysis controls and even to load other data source files.

Two Deployment options are possible with this module:

  • Whiteboard Viewer
  • Free workspace Viewer

This license can be installed independently on any computer. This tool is used to load data display templates created by other colleagues using the Whiteboard Editor and Whiteboard Deployment Service Add-On tools.

These report templates can then be supplemented with your own measurement or simulation data to update graphs and figures accordingly.

WHIT20 - Whiteboard Deployed Viewer

The WHIT20 Whiteboard Viewer enables the opening of WHIT10 templates delivered through the WHIT11 Deployment tool.

By generating a customized template, the editor provides an enhanced team experience when using the company's data. He also decreases the time wasted by his team in managing the data because the post processing template is already qualified and ready to be used by the group.

The deployed Whiteboard Viewers are multiple copies of the workspace. The number of copies is managed directly by the editor.

By sharing all the interface's interactive capabilities applicable to an unlimited number of data files given by a simulator or a measurement bench, the team experience is greatly improved as the viewer tool streamlines everyone’s data workflows.

Different templates can be developed to respond to the need of each group in your company. Therefore, the Whiteboard Editor with Deployment option can address multiple needs within the same corporation:

  • Standardize the data processing
  • Extract the core value of the information from the company’s database
  • Improve the team coordination
  • Offer an internal evolutive solution
  • Sustain the growth of the company by offering a robust software solution

This license can be installed independently on any computer. The license of this tool is provided at no cost

The reader of the report can visualize the measurement or simulation data embedded in a template provided by other colleagues using the Whiteboard Editor and Whiteboard Deployment Service Add-On tools

The data provided with the template cannot be replaced by other data.

WHIT30 - Workspace Free Viewer

The WHIT30 Workspace Free Viewer, delivered through the WHIT11 Deployment tool, enables the opening of WHIT10 templates associated with specific data files. The end reader doesn’t need any particular license of the Whiteboard.

Application and Marketing engineers usually aim to generate data reports. Then, they want to share these reports within the company and with their end customers to promote their product specifications because of the latest performances, but they are facing some issues:

  • Multiple measurement iterations lead to multiple reports and datasheets
  • Static documents lead to multiple questions from customers to see the results for different and new operating conditions
  • The information distribution is limited if a software license is required to get access to the data.
  • 50% of their time, on average, is spent collecting the data for their customers rather than doing their core activity


Whiteboard Free Viewer

For these reasons, AMCAD engineering developed the WHIT30 Free Workspace Viewer module.

This one offers interactive measurement reports that enable their customers to change some conditions and see the impact of this new condition on the device's performance. This interactivity is more efficient than asking for a new version of a static document.

In addition, it is possible to generate report templates, where a simple selection of the data file populates all the graphs and tables in the final report with the new values. This way, the application engineer can spend more time on his work, and the colleagues and customers can have access to all needed data to appreciate the end product.

Note: Contrary to the WHIT20 viewer module, the data in the WHIT30, Free Workspace Viewer, is hardcoded inside the interactive report. The reader will not be allowed to change the original data. He will only be able to tune the parameters made available by the editor to refresh the different graphics and tables.


Dynamic Transistor Measurement Report using AMCAD Whiteboard tool

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