Evaluation of the load mismatch effect on the circuit performances

Designers use data-flow-based simulators to speed up the circuit simulation under complex input signals. However, these simulators do not consider the load mismatch, which is a major drawback when dealing with active antennas. A modelling solution that can embed its equation solver would help predict the radiation pattern accurately, taking into account the load mismatch created by the different elements of the array.

How does this tool help you solve well-known problems ?

  • Influence of the load impedance included in the models. VISION models integrate their equations solver by taking advantage of algebraic simulation capabilities when mismatch effects need to be considered. Electrical solvers are often used in a circuit and multi-harmonic concept, making the simulation inefficient in computational resources and time. Vison integrates its electrical solver, which remains focused on the band of interest, simplifies the overall analysis and makes it possible to simulate mismatch effects with low computational costs.
  • Broadband model extraction is possible (multi-octave)
  • A simple setup to generate a behavioural model from the measurement is possible with standard RF hardware. Thanks to VISION, transform your standard instruments into a behavioural model extraction setup.
  • Models can be qualified against standard modulated signal or hardware tests. Thanks to VISION, transform your standard instruments into validation and behavioural models.

The little extras you’ve been waiting for

  • VISION replaces time-consuming measurements of the entire system with reliable simulations.
  • VISION is compatible with simulation tools manufactured in-house and usable in a third-party simulator, thanks to its API.