VIS100C-1 is a Device Modeler tool. After generating measurement data on the DUT, this module will extract a model that fit the circuit response with respect to the behavior observed for simulations perfomed in time domain. Depending on this DUT’s behavior, the modeling wizard drives the user to a well-balanced solution, where the fit versus frequency and power is optimized while lowering the model complexity to ensure a good simulation-speed and convergence. Thanks to a basic simulation, the model is then qualified through a β€œTest Plan” with other test signals, not used during the extraction work. These independent test signals are provided to check the physical behavior and the robustness of the model. As a function of the circuit behavior and simulation need, different models can be proposed. The following table presents some possible combinations.

Device Modeler:

Β  Nonlinear Mismatch effect In-band Memory Low Freq. Memory NF (noise)
Limiters βœ“ N.A βœ“ N.A N.A
Mixers βœ“ N.Av βœ“ N.A βœ“
Passive N.A βœ“ βœ“ N.A βœ“
Low Noise Amplifier βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ N.Av βœ“
High Power Amplifier βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ N.Av N.A

N.A : Non applicable, N.Av: Non available