Antenna simulation

The compatibility of a model between different simulation software is a good advantage, but simulating the same model in a multi-physics environment is a key to multi-discipline cooperation.

How does the antenna simulation tool help you solve well-known problems?

  • VISION models can be exported to existing commercial CAD tools already in use in the company.
  • VISION models can be used for multi-physics simulation. Natively, the VISION models translate the current and voltage laws. It is possible to interface with other physical phenomena by choosing equivalence laws. For example, an EM/Electrical co-simulation is possible.
  • A VISION macro-model including non-linear, linear and frequency transposition elements is available.

The little extras you’ve been waiting for

  • VISION allows stronger cohesion between multidisciplinary experts: thanks to a single platform for the whole team.
  • The multitasking team can work together in Agile mode.
  • Models are compatible with different Simulation tools.
  • VISION replaces time-consuming measurements of the entire system with reliable simulations.