The WHIT30 Workspace Free Viewer, delivered through the WHIT11 Deployment tool, enables the opening of WHIT10 templates associated with specific data files. The end reader doesn’t need any particular license of the Whiteboard.

Application and Marketing engineers usually aim to generate data reports. Then, they want to share these reports within the company and with their end customers to promote their product specifications because of the latest performances, but they are facing some issues:

  • Multiple measurement iterations lead to multiple reports and datasheets
  • Static documents lead to multiple questions from customers to see the results for different and new operating conditions
  • The information distribution is limited if a software license is required to get access to the data.
  • 50% of their time, on average, is spent collecting the data for their customers rather than doing their core activity


Whiteboard Free Viewer

For these reasons, AMCAD engineering developed the WHIT30 Free Workspace Viewer module.

This one offers interactive measurement reports that enable their customers to change some conditions and see the impact of this new condition on the device’s performance. This interactivity is more efficient than asking for a new version of a static document.

In addition, it is possible to generate report templates, where a simple selection of the data file populates all the graphs and tables in the final report with the new values. This way, the application engineer can spend more time on his work, and the colleagues and customers can have access to all needed data to appreciate the end product.

Note: Contrary to the WHIT20 viewer module, the data in the WHIT30, Free Workspace Viewer, is hardcoded inside the interactive report. The reader will not be allowed to change the original data. He will only be able to tune the parameters made available by the editor to refresh the different graphics and tables.