MT930J is a stand-alone module for advanced Pulsed IV measurements using dedicated hardware (e.g., AM3200 AMCAD’s Pulsed IV system ). IVCAD enables the visualization of trapping phenomena, gate lag and drain lag, on GaN transistors, but also dynamic self heating on different transistor technologies. The module allows a quasi-instantaneous visualization of pulsed IV characteristics as a function of varying quiescent bias point and temperature of the base plate.


Key Features:

  • Pulsed configuration and calibration of all instruments controlled by IVCAD
  • Graphical pulse chronogram easily defines gate, drain, RF source and measurement windows
  • Sweep input or output voltages in linear, adaptive and custom steps
  • IV trace screenshot visualizes IV waveform without the need for an oscilloscope
  • VNA operated in NBW for enhanced accuracy of S-parameters measurements
  • Multiple stop conditions for maximum voltage, current, power and temperature of the DUT
  • Automated probe station control