IVCAD Benefits

Developed by RF engineers for RF engineers, IVCAD is an intuitive and easy-to-operate device characterization software. It was developed to simplify the already complicated task of test engineers.

IVCAD was designed to protect the DUT and the instruments through multiple stop conditions and setup verifications. It would never start a measurement that your instruments cannot handle, avoiding test engineers wasting time in debugging.

The measurement speed is also optimized through highly optimized instrument drivers programing. Test engineers will increase their device characterization throughput without sacrificing the system’s accuracy or reliability. Multiple setups can be combined in one measurement automation sequence.

A proven calibration process in vector and scalar mode embed validation and verification procedures to increase accuracy and confidence in measurements.

Multiple characterization methods in the same environment:

  • Pulsed S-Parameters and Pulsed IV networks combined with compact model extraction for an accurate model including Thermal and trap effects.
  • Vector receiver Load Pull combined with harmonic impedance control, time-domain measurements, and behavioural model extraction for first-pass amplifier design.
  • Traditional Scalar Load pull combined with Nano5G tuners for a complete device characterization under modulated signal
  • Stability Analysis software for a robust prediction of power amplifier oscillations and methods to mitigate them.