LDMOS Device Characterization using an SW1401A

AMCAD SW1401A RF Modulator has been developed to provide pulse generation to systems lacking this capability or requiring control of the pulse’s rise and fall time, which is useful for LDMOS technology characterization.

This RF Pulse Modulator is optimized for the DC-6GHz range, offering no loss in this band, and allows going up to 11GHz.

IVCAD™ module MT930C offers a modern and efficient methodology for VNA-based load-pull measurement to characterize a component.

With the Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator’s help, the SW1401A RF Pulse Modulator converts a CW RF signal into a Pulsed RF signal with the desired shape.

Modulated signal can be as much a square pulse with straight edges up to a pulse with long smooth slopes, specially adapted to LDMOS technology as it avoids current and power rushes.