Pulsed Voltage Source ± 25V ± 200mA

  • Pulse between two programmable levels
  • Voltage and current measurement for both levels
  • Ideal for RF transistor Operating Life Test, used with iTest BE2430 Power Supply and BA2431 Drain Pulse Unit

Main Features:

  • 4 – quadrant DC or Pulse voltage source
  • Down to 1μs pulse width, 20ns time resolution
  • Simultaneous voltage and current sampling
  • Pulse and Quiescent level sampling time points can be chosen automatically by the source or manually by the user
  • 1 voltage range: ± 25V
  • 2 current ranges: ± 5mA and ± 200mA
  • No transient when powering on/off or switching on/off
  • Output on isolated BNC connector
  • Input and Output triggers on SMB connectors
  • Operating range: DC: yellow area, Pulse: yellow + blue areas

Learn More : Brochure BE2501