DC Voltage source 120V 5A

High Resolution voltage programming: 18 bits / 0,5mV

Low Noise: 20ppm / 2,5mV peak – to – peak

Accepts any capacitive load from 0 to 100mF optional USB driver for remote pulse controller

Main Features :

  • Isolated DC voltage source
  • Fast toggling current and power limitation
  • 2 – quadrant, source & sink operating area:
  • 18 bit voltage programming, no missing code
  • Safe charging and discharging of any load capacitor
  • DC remote voltage regulation stable whatever the cable resistor and the remote capacitor value
  • Programmable voltage slope
  • No transient when powering on/off
  • 16 bit DC voltage & current read – back measurement

Learn More : BE2430 Brochure