Standardize and Boost up the instrument’s synchronization Signal

The trigger Box can be used in a measurement test-set to standardize and boost-up instruments’ synchronization signal.

A measurement setup can include multiple instruments from different vendors and different generations.


Therefore, the trigger signal can be incompatible between the instruments. For example, some RF sources can generate a fixed output synchronization signal with 50nsec width, but most of the triggered instruments like Power Meters; DMMs… have a minimum trigger hold-off timing of 1usec, resulting in a bad synchronization and wrong measurements, as well as software timeouts.


Fast Power Sweep Application

Fast Power Sweep uses the power ramp instead of the usual point-by-point sweep. This method increases the measurement speed considerably when dealing with a large number of measurements.

Combined with DMMs to measure the IV performances of the DUT for Power-Added-Efficiency evaluation, the AMCAD Trigger box would be very useful to manage the synchronization during the power sweep ramp.