AMCAD Engineering made the cover feature of the Microwave Journal Magazine this month.

As this edition was dedicated to CAD software, it made perfect sense for the editor to reserve the cover feature to AMCAD system simulation software VISION.

VISION starts attracting more and more users who are facing system design challenges and looking for a modeling software that allows a better synergy between different teams in the same group. Indeed, a system design involves different disciplines at different level of maturity of the project. The alignment of all the teams from the schedule point of view and compatibility of the exchanged data is imperative for the system architect to avoid costly delays. Besides, accurate behavior models of different circuits comprised in the system allow a trusted validation of the system specifications in an early stage, even before the prototyping, and supports the choice of design strategies made by the system architect.

The key features of VISION are:

  • Turn-key circuit and system-level modeling environment.
  • Measurement Benches control for model extraction and validation.
  • Device modeler toolbox for active and passive circuits (LNAs, HPAs, Filters, Mixers…)
  • System-Level Macro-Modeling solutions and direct export functionalities to main commercial system simulators.