AMCAD is happy to welcome its customers and partners at the EUMW congress in London between 2 and 7 April 2022. This year, our common booth will host the enlarged family with Maury Microwave, Vertigo Technologies and Hi-tech. Come on the exhibition floor from April 4 to 6, at the booth 1B to see the following demos :

A live demo of our 5G FR2 passive load pull system in action !

Maury Microwaves has developed an optimized passive load pull system for measurements at 5G FR2 frequencies. The solution is developed around Nano5G automated impedance tuners controlled by IVCAD, a measurement and modeling device characterization software platform. It results in more accurate EVM and ACPR measurements at higher magnitudes of reflection (Gamma) than ever before.

Nano5G tuners have been miniaturized to fit on nearly any probe station with a direct connection to the probe tip, thereby minimizing insertion loss and maximizing tuning range, while simultaneously reducing phase skew for more accurate modulated measurements.

Setup for RF PA characterization under 5G Radio-Unit like operating conditions

The characterization of radio frequency power amplifiers to design communication systems is a major challenge. This RF-PA must deliver the expected performance before being integrated into the communication system. Because of the newcomers wishing to address the Open RAN market with standardized radio units, the initial investment in a characterization solution from the human resource and equipment point of view can be a barrier in their system design process.

With IQSTAR, AMCAD will demonstrate a fully automated test bench, driving digital and RF circuits used in base stations.  With such a tool, our customers will advantageously evaluate the performance of their power amplifiers under conditions identical to those of the final application, at an affordable cost while maintaining a qualitative measurement experience.

A Multi-harmonic active load pull measurement solution with wideband impedance control of up to 1000 MHz bandwidth for 5G FR1, 5G FR2 and WiFi frequencies

When optimized passive load pull isn’t enough, active load pull with wideband impedance control takes modulated measurements to the next level. Instead of reducing phase skew, active load pull with wideband impedance control can create user-defined load impedances over the bandwidth of the signal, thereby eliminating phase skew entirely, or producing the identical response of your matching network and/or antenna match!

Multi-harmonic active load pull measurements with wideband impedance control of up to 1000 MHz bandwidth for 5G FR1, 5G FR2 and WiFi frequencies. Visit us for a live demo of active load pull with MT2000 wideband impedance control on a 5G FR1 and/or WiFi signal!

Demo of Power Amplifier 5G system simulation under DPD and MIMO conditions

When the various RF circuits are identified, tested, and validated, they can be integrated into a more global system, such as a radio frequency communication chain. Laying circuits together to achieve an overall performance goal is not trivial. Indeed, the integrity of the signal transmitted throughout the chain must be well managed. If this is not the case, the system will not meet the specifications imposed by the environment in which the RF system is to be used.

The VISION simulation tool presented during the EUMW conference allows the extraction of accurate behavioral models for each circuit. These models can then be assembled together to design the system architecture. A demonstration of the Vision tool will be offered to simulate the performance of a realistic linearized amplifier behavioral model thanks to DPD algorithms.

In addition, a full simulation of a MIMO system with an active antenna model will also be performed, to illustrate the impact of antenna pointing on the performance of each RF front-end.

A mmW and sub-THz active load pull system for 6G, automotive RADAR and general high-frequency device characterization

Working on next-generation 6G and/or automotive RADAR applications? Looking to characterize your active devices or determine the ideal matching networks for your application? With Vertigo Technologies MMW-STUDIO solution, active load pull between 110 GHz and 1.1 THz is now possible! MMW-STUDIO is a simple add-on to any S-parameter measurement system with waveguide extenders that enables power-controlled S-parameter measurements, gain compression power sweeps and load pull measurements

Visit us at EuMW to learn how you can improve nonlinear transistor models by validating across large ranges of drive powers and load impedances, increase amplifier performance by identifying and designing circuits around the ideal impedance match, and for a live demo of active load pull at D-band in conjunction with Virginia Diodes (VDI)!

Measurements of High Power GaN devices up to 1500V / 150A

As a pioneer in Pulsed IV Measurements for compact transistor modeling, AMCAD launches a new family of high-voltage probes to test Power GaN transistors.

Nowadays, power transistors in Gallium Nitride (GAN) or Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology market is mainly driven by non-RF applications such as Hybrid/Electric Vehicle (EV), Power Supplies, Motor Drives, Wind Turbines, Railway Tractions, UPS and many other applications. Because of the increasing need for new materials for High Power, developing new technologies with perfect management of the temperature, low losses and low lagging effects is a must-have. Come to see how the AM3242 new probe head can help to improve these semiconductor devices

pulsed IV Gallium Nitride (GAN) or Silicon Carbide (SiC) measurement

S-parameter measurement uncertainty characterization to bring confidence to your measurements !

If you have ever suffered from measurement inconsistencies, chances are that measurement uncertainties created by the individual components in your S-parameter measurement setup are the culprit. Did you know that your VNA drift and noise floor impact your measurements? How about your cal kit? What about your cables, connectors and etiquette?

Maury Microwave has launched the first commercial software platform, Insight, to characterize the individual uncertainty contributors of your measurement system, help reduce measurement uncertainty, eliminate measurement inconsistencies and return confidence to your measurements! And as a bonus, Insight can be used to identify when your cable assemblies are going bad and need to be replaced before they severely impact your measurement results!

Wupatec Inc. present on booth 165, will demonstrate a broadband Doherty Power amplifier on a test bench controlled by IQSTAR software.

The performance of the amplifier will be measured in different configurations of channel aggregations in the telecommunications bands.
• 3GPP 5G NR FR1 bands n3, n2, n1, n40
3GPP 4G LTE bands B3, B39, B2, B34, B1, B4, B40.
Thanks to real-time Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD), unprecedented performances in efficiency and linearity will be demonstrated. The demo aims to shows Wupatec’s skills to develop Multi-carrier Power Amplifiers for multi-standard 4G/5G base stations, operating in FDD / TDD modes.

We look forward to seeing you in London, meanwhile, keep safe and healthy!