Bruco Integrated Circuits has chosen IQSTAR

AMCAD engineering is very pleased to announce that Bruco Integrated Circuits has chosen IQSTAR to drive its second bench for RF measurement of power amplifiers.

The second bench contains a cost-effective USB VNA, 3 power supplies, 4 multimeters and running on AMCAD IQSTAR software.

The software and training were supplied by Hi-Tech RF & Microwave Solutions in the Netherlands.
The two Brucos’s RF benches use the combined high power driver amplifiers where one setup uses the 0.7 – 2.7 GHz driver and the other setup uses the 2.0 – 4.0 GHz driver.

Bruco’s RF Lab equipment is now able to support measurements on power amplifiers:

  • Driver amplifiers (30 dB gain, 50 W of output power)
  • Class-AB power amplifiers (20 dB gain, 200- 1000 W)
  • Doherty power amplifiers (15 dB gain, 100- 1000 W)

To support Bruco’s needs and mitigate the self-heating of the PA at high power, AMCAD has upgraded the VNA’s driver used in IQSTAR to enable an ultra-fast power sweep with CW, Pulsed, and 2-Tone RF signals.

Companies may choose to develop their software solution in-house from scratch at the early decision stage. However, a maintainable solution over time and deployable on several sites require significant financial and human resources. Engineers with expertise in software development and electronics must work in tandem, using expensive measurement equipment for the project’s needs.

To be competitive, IQSTAR allows new labs to be operational from day one, which allows our customers to be focused on their core business.

Bruco’s Measurement Bench driven by our IQSTAR software solution