AMCAD History

“AMCAD was created in 2004, by 3 PhDs, as a spin-off from the XLIM laboratory, where innovation takes place to develop future microwave and optical communication systems.
This laboratory has many relationships with the industrial community worldwide. The founders of AMCAD had clearly identified a need for services in the measurement, modelling, and design of RF components and circuits.

What roads have we traveled ever since?

From the original business model of providing RF & MW measurement/modeling/design services, the company quickly evolved towards better selling turnkey solutions to address the international market.
Our partnership in 2010 with Maury Microwave and ITEST gave us the means to provide global solutions, hardware and software, for testing and modeling RF transistors.
Over time, the research programs have enabled us to strengthen our offer, with other solutions an increasingly differentiating and practical proposals for our customers.

The Exocis distribution activity allowed us to complete our in-house offers with solutions offered by our worldwide partners to provide complete and qualitative packages.
In 2022, our objective is to strengthen AMCAD’s positioning as a company entirely focused on its customers, their total satisfaction is our holy grail. Our strategy is to grow and maintain a close-knit and competent team and reinforce our partnerships.

To all our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and friends, we wish you an excellent year 2022 !!!”


AMCAD History