MT930M2A is a nonlinear modeling tool for III-V transistors. It will reuse the extrinsic elements determined by the MT930M1 linear module in order to de-embed the measurement to the transistor’ intrinsic reference planes.

Pulsed S parameters measured with the MT930K module will be used to extract the nonlinear capacitances models through built-in AMCAD’s or user-defined equations. Pulsed IV measurements with the MT930J will be used to extract the nonlinear input diodes and the output current source parameters using AMCAD’s or used-defined equations. Export functionalities and specific templates are then used to upload the model into commercial simulators and include thermal and trapping effects. Finally, the model is refined against VNA based load pull measurements for better approximation of the model in the desired application.

AN : Transistor Compact Modeling