The competitive market of Power Amplifiers with the new 5G networks is imposing rigorous specifications that need to be considered during the measurements phase. The setup should allow a full characterization using modulated signals and evaluate the degree of linearization that the Power amplifier can achieve. Different customers impose different criteria; therefore, the application engineer should run different measurements in different conditions to support the end-user.

How does IQSTAR help to solve challenges to linearize Power Amplifiers?

  • It takes time to become an expert in managing DPD algorithms and measurement settings. How to make this task easier? IQSTAR offers many features to make this work more accessible :
    • Emission and reception transient signals are automatically aligned
    • Measurement receivers’ dynamic range is automatically optimized (auto-levelling)
    • Triggers signals are managed
    • Post-processing on the data is provided for different plots (AM / AM, AM / PM, CCDF, ACPR …)
    • The linearization can be performed with a user-defined number of iterations

  • Is the gain optimized?
    • In the case of a homemade DPD algorithm developed with a proprietary program (Matlab-based), it’s possible to evaluate the related performances on the bench using the (IQS B41) module, with all the figures of merits and instrument control functionalities at hand.
    • Agnostic control of instruments for signal generation and measurement: Take control of the solution without obstacles. Standardize the operation of the different test benches in the lab. Make the most of the investments by unifying test procedures and sharing results obtained within a working group.

The little extras you’ve been waiting for  :

  • No deep knowledge prerequisite on DPD algorithm (Digital Predistrotion): IQSTAR integrates common algorithms, ML (Memory Less), MP (Memory Polynomial), GMP (Generalized Memory Polynomial) as turn-key solutions

  • Speed: Time spent in front of the instrument to get the data is reduced. IQSTAR speeds up the measurement delivery in comparison with alternative solutions.

  • Standardization: Team performance is also driven by the process alignment when measurement methodologies, post-processing, and data display are at stake. IQSTAR enables building an advanced data management and analysis template that can be shared with colleagues and customers.