• Unrivaled noise level : down to 5µVp-p (<1µV RMS)
  • Clean output noise spectrum with no spike
  • High Stability: a few ppm within 24-hour

Main features:

  • 2 voltage ranges: ±1,2V and ±12V
  • 1 current range: ±15mA
  • Voltage programming and measurement resolution: 21bits, 6½ digits. High accuracy, typ. 0,02%.
  • 4-wire operation available (remote voltage sensing)

Application examples:

  • Noise-sensitive device power supply, such as PLL,
  • Cameras, signal converters (ADC,DAC)…
  • Polarization of nanostructures, nanotube, graphene, quantum devices, 2D high conductivity gases…
  • Small superconducting coil
  • Battery replacement for ultra-low noise applications
  • Ultra low level pressure and temperature sensors

Learn More : BE214x Brochure