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Give your circuit a check-up with STAN !

With new design kits for Agilent ADS 2009/2011, STAN automation for AWR Microwave Office, give your circuit a check-up and save months in development using STAN tool for linear and non-linear stability analysis of your design.



Pulsed IV, Pulsed S-Parameters and Compact Transistor Models

The BILT/IVCAD pulsed characterization system is the first to allow engineers and transistor designers to characterize and model GaN FETs by performing synchronized Pulsed IV and Pulsed S-Parameter measurements and developing Compact Transistor Models from the comfort of their labs.



Hybrid Load-Pull

This video describes VNA-based hybrid Load-Pull technique and highlights the capabilities of IVCAD to handle such measurements.



1000 Volt / 30 Amp Pulser Head

Ideal for High-Voltage Fast-Switching Transistor Characterization. The AM241 Drain probe head is intended for high voltage SiC, JFET, MOSFET, IGBT transistors pulsed measurements.