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AMCAD delivers best-in-class Measurement, Modeling and Design solutions for microwave components, circuits and RF sub-systems.

At every stage of the product lifecycle, we will provide you with critical tools needed to ensure the utmost optimization of your design performances, while reducing the time-to-market.

As a pioneer in Pulsed IV Measurements for compact transistor modeling,
AMCAD launches a new family of pulse pattern generators.


Because of our ongoing & increasing modeling service activities, our R&D Team have been always focused on improving these measurement solutions.  We are pushing ahead the performances in term of speed, accuracy, and new measurement concepts. Contact us to discover what's now possible!


New Pulse IV system for compact Modeling

our Products

ivcad 3.7

Amcad and Maury Microwave are teaming to jointly develop a unique modeling solution associated to powerful measurement software. IVCAD 3.7 has now been released after an intense qualification process to support most of the demands of our growing customer base.


IVCAD 3.7 includes


  • MT930D1 traditional load pull for single-tone CW and Pulsed-CW measurements using power meters
  • MT930D2 harmonic, Spectrum Analyzer add-on for harmonic load pull, two-tone load pull, and modulated load pull
  • MT930B visualization split into MT930B1 basic visualization and MT930B2 advanced visualization add-on in order to better meet our customers’ needs
  • LabVIEW IVI and Maury ATS instrument driver support
  • Multi-auxiliary power supply support
  • Advanced peak search algorithms for load pull
  • RF stress test for load pull
  • Easy configuration menu for IV measurements and VNA based load pull
  • Scripting capabilities integrated into advanced sweep plan
  • Compact model equation editor for flexible model optimization




IQSTAR is an advanced measurement software developed for efficient and accurate RF and Microwave Circuit Test Flow. It allows verification, analysis and RF Circuit tuning (LNA, MPA, HPA, Filters) . IQSTAR does not require any  programming skills. It offers the conviviality and the flexibility of a turn-key professional measurement software.

Independently of the hardware obsolescence, IQSTAR is a cost effective solution which offers a sustainable software platform which leverage your existing laboratory equipment


Key features

  • Turn-Key software for agnostic measurement hardware
  • Adaptive Calibration wizards for configurable test benches
  • Automated Test Flow with drag & drop customized measurement sequences
  • Advanced an customizable visualization tools using the white boards
  • Speed up Design works and generate measurement reports.



To access IQSTAR, please or contact us for more information.

To access VISION, please or contact us for more information or a free trial.


VISION is an advanced RF circuit and system modeling solution for accurate RF & MW system design. Building RF systems which are designed to operate with wideband modulated signals, like 5G and RADAR, or with a large number of circuits, like active antennas, is challenging. Looking at the simulation accuracy, the bottleneck is always the model quality used by the simulators. VSION offers an unique platform to provide accurate behavioral models for system simulations.


Key features

  • Turn-key circuit and system level modeling environment.
  • Measurement Benches control for model extraction and validation.
  • Device modeler toolbox for active and passive circuits (LNAs, HPAs, Filters, Mixers...)
  • System Level Macro-Modeling solutions and direct export functionalities to the main commercial system simulators.

Burn-in and life test solutions

AMCAD Engineering and its strategic partner, ITEST offer a highly integrated and cost effective solution for component Burn-IN and Life Test solutions. Different Pulse DC & RF conditions are enabled.


The pulse sequence is fully programmable using a time resolution of 20ns. Drain and Gate bias are monitored synchronously for voltage and current measurement every seconds. Power sensors monitor the power at different stages of the system.


Data are directly stored in the memory of the chassis and can be downloaded on demand.




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