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Give your circuit a check-up with STAN !

With new design kits for Agilent ADS 2009/2011, STAN automation for AWR Microwave Office, give your circuit a check-up and save months in development using STAN tool for linear and non-linear stability analysis of your design.



Pulsed IV, Pulsed S-Parameters and Compact Transistor Models

The BILT/IVCAD pulsed characterization system is the first to allow engineers and transistor designers to characterize and model GaN FETs by performing synchronized Pulsed IV and Pulsed S-Parameter measurements and developing Compact Transistor Models from the comfort of their labs.



IVCAD Outline

IVCAD advanced measurement and modeling software addresses new challenge in modern RF and Microwave industry, at System, Circuit, or Component Levels.



1000 Volt / 30 Amp Pulser Head

Ideal for High-Voltage Fast-Switching Transistor Characterization. The AM241 Drain probe head is intended for high voltage SiC, JFET, MOSFET, IGBT transistors pulsed measurements.