AMCAD Engineering provides innovative solutions to today’s
RF & microwave challenges

The most advanced solutions and tools in test and modelling
to the RF and microwave IC market.

About us

AMCAD delivers best-in-class Measurement, Modeling and Design solutions for microwave components, circuits and RF sub-systems.

At every stage of the product lifecycle, we also deliver critical services needed to ensure the greatest optimization of your design performances, while reducing the time-to-market.




AMCAD offers Software and Hardware tools in order to extract accurate and reliable information about component performances:

  • RF Burn-In and Life test solutions
  • Compact modeling solutions
  • With STAN, a unique tool is available to check your RF PA internal stability, in linear and nonlinear conditions.
  • AMCAD also provides advanced RF PA design services, when high efficiency performances are targeted
  • AMCAD has developed a platform to extract accurate behavioral models of RF circuits, accurate even for complex simulation scenarios, where parasitic effects such as long and short term memory effects can degrade the system performances.
  • Run a simulation of the RF system easily, and observe the important figure of merits

New Pulse IV system for compact Modeling

As a pioneer in Pulsed IV Measurements for compact transistor modeling,
AMCAD launches a new family of pulse pattern generators.


Because of our ongoing & increasing modeling service activities, our R&D Team have been always focused on improving these measurement solutions.  We are pushing ahead the performances in term of speed, accuracy, and new measurement concepts. Contact us to discover what's now possible!


our Products

iv cad 3.6

Amcad and Maury Microwave are teaming to jointly develop a unique modeling solution associated to powerful measurement software. IVCAD 3.6 has now been released after an intense qualification process to support most of the demands of our growing customer base.


IVCAD 3.6 includes


Upgraded sweep plan with external instrument control

Automated thermal chuck sweep support

Extended bias control and optimization

Intrinsic de-embedding for load pull NVNA measurements

Additional driver and instrument support: VNAs, Pulsed IV, multimeters and power supplies

IIIV and LDMOS compact transistor model enhancements

Automated prober support for Cascade Velox, Prober Bench and Nucleus, and TSK UF-series

Terminal server support for floating license server

Enhanced support for Windows 10



TheRmoreflectance Measurements

AMCAD is partnering with Microsanj who offers a thermal measurement solution which highlights dynamic thermal effects that take place in RF devices. For AMCAD, the knowledge of dynamic thermal heating in pulsed conditions is seen as a great improvement to extract accurate nonlinear and electrothermal compact models. The combination of our Pulsed IV generator and the Microsanj SanjView Thermoreflectance offers a unique solution for the foundries who want to investigate dynamic self heating effects on their devices. During the EUMW exhibition, a demo of the thermoreflectance system will be provided on AMCAD booth.




Low Noise & modular
DC power supplies

With emerging applications such as 5G who are using wideband RF signals, DC Supply noise is a significant problem in RF systems (PAs, LNAs, VCOs) where it can mix with RF signals, degrading signal/noise ratios and potentially causing violation of spectral masks. Because of the severe impact  of  supply  noise  on wireless system performances, it is especially important to reduce this  noise  when testing RF circuits for successful design of the system.




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