The WHIT20 Whiteboard Viewer enables the opening of WHIT10 templates delivered through the WHIT11 Deployment tool.

By generating a customized template, the editor provides an enhanced team experience when using the company’s data. He also decreases the time wasted by his team in managing the data because the post processing template is already qualified and ready to be used by the group.

The deployed Whiteboard Viewers are multiple copies of the workspace. The number of copies is managed directly by the editor.

By sharing all the interface’s interactive capabilities applicable to an unlimited number of data files given by a simulator or a measurement bench, the team experience is greatly improved as the viewer tool streamlines everyone’s data workflows.

Different templates can be developed to respond to the need of each group in your company. Therefore, the Whiteboard Editor with Deployment option can address multiple needs within the same corporation:

  • Standardize the data processing
  • Extract the core value of the information from the company’s database
  • Improve the team coordination
  • Offer an internal evolutive solution
  • Sustain the growth of the company by offering a robust software solution