IQS200B-10 enables a waveguide scalar characterization of the DUT using a signal generator, power meters, frequency up and down converters and waveguide step attenuators.

Different frequency conversion setups are available, allowing end-user to control of up & down converter. Up & Down converters can be configured in Mixer mode or Multiplier/Divider mode, offering large flexibility regarding LO source configuration.

Scalar waveguide setup for 1-ToneMeasurements (IQS200B-10) in Multiplier and/or Divider mode

Scalar waveguide setup for 1-ToneMeasurements (IQS200B-10) in Mixer mode with external LO source

In a waveguide setup, the power level is controlled by an external waveguide step attenuator to avoid nonlinearities provided by the upconverter. As done in IQS100B-10, it’s also possible to use two or three power sensors to measure Pin, Pout and Prefl and extract additional parameters such as IRL, Pin delivered, Gp …