Scripting is available internally to IQSTAR through a dedicated editor. Starting Rev 1.3, Scripting is also available via an external script server and controlled in slave mode by a third-party application or software.

Multiple functions are included in the script editor and divided into different categories:

  • Measurements System: these functions allow full automation of the measurement process, including the setup creation, the measurement configurations, the device biasing, the biasing optimization, the wafer mapping and many more.
  • User Interface: these functions are related to creating 2D and 3D graphs, dialogue boxes, and different utilities.
  • Math functions: an extensive mathematical library is available to compute necessary parameters. These functions include array manipulations like SVD and LU operations, polynomial modeling and curve fittings and many more functions.
  • Native: This category of functions is very useful when dealing with external DLL that must be controlled during the measurements.
  • Net Visa: Dedicated Visa-based instruments control is allowed directly from the script to integrate additional instruments to the bench like thermal chambers, for example.