IQSTAR enables test engineers to characterize multiple 2-port devices sequentially in the same setup to increase the throughput or to measure different configurations of a multipath system. The setup editor is updated with a new instrument type: I/O Switch. The switch is controlled using a VISA protocol and is configurable depending on the number of paths needed. (in IQSTAR 1.5, the number of paths is limited to 8). Each path can be identified and associated with a channel of the switch matrix.

Each patch is calibrated individually to extract the measurement at the DUT reference plane. S-parameters of the test fixture can also be added to each path.


Module Multi-DUT Measurements

Multi-DUT Measurement module can be added to scalar and vectorial setups, and all the measurement types are supported (1-Tone, 2-Tone, modulated signal, NPR, and IQ data).

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