Operating and transducer gain compression modes are available to characterize a power amplifier, including compression from linear and compression from maximum gain.

GaN-based power amplifiers need more cautious characterization as the power sweeps always need to start from the same trapping level. For that, IQSTAR embeds a quiescent current stabilization option to monitor the current settling in the quiescent state over time and ensures it reaches the right level before triggering a new power sweep.

Measurement speed is an important factor when characterizing Power Amplifiers. Most of the measurement time is spent in instrument triggering and data transfer to the computer. Therefore, IQSTAR embeds a DC Measurement selection capability that lets the user choose the critical DC parameters that need to be measured continuously from the instruments (ex: Output Currents) and the less critical parameters that do not vary during the measurements for which he can just keep the initial set value.

An extensive list of predefined parameters is measured and available during the live visualization depending on the setup configuration. In addition, user-defined parameters can also be added to the predefined list. The user can consult the results using the visualization tool in real-time during the measurements. Besides the history measurements available for display, it is also possible to set some specifications limits that the circuit under test needs to reach. A colour-coded display allows a fast evaluation of the DUT and indicates if it passes or fails.

Measurement Parameters