MT930GA is an add-on module for MT930C Vector-Receiver Load Pull which enables time-domain large signal analysis and waveform reconstruction.  When used with supported VNAs and comb generators (harmonic phase references) it does not require any third-party nonlinear VNA software. The LSA add-on records the phase dependency of harmonic content allowing a- and b-waves, voltage and current waveforms plotting as well as dynamic load lines display for each measurement state (impedance/power/bias). All measurements are be de-embedded to the device reference plane.

Time-domain analysis allow the visualization of currents and voltages at the device input and output terminals and help identify DUT’s mode of operation. When used with de-embedding menus, this tool is useful in the study and design of advanced amplifier classes of operation including E, F, J and K and their inverses.

MT930GA can be combined with MT930R1 to easily extract Enhanced Poly- Harmonic Distortion behavioral model (EPHD) with no significant addition of time

Learn More : VNA Based Load Pull Harmonic Measurement De-embedding Dedicated to Waveform Engineering (COMCAS IEEE 2015)