IQSTAR uses IQ values sent to the Vector Signal Generator (VSG) and fetched from the Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA). The IQ data is resized, realigned, and analyzed in IQSTAR to extract user-selected parameters (ACPR, CCDF, PAPR, Dynamic AM-AM…). With this option, the VSA does not need to have any software options as IQSTAR makes sure to align the IQ signals at the input and the output and extract all requested parameters.

The Available Measurements are:

  • IQ Data
  • EVM on Symbol
  • ACPR
  • CCDF with Trace
  • Dynamic AM/AM and AM/PM
  • Instrument-based DPD


With the IQ Module, no software options (excluding DPD) are required in the instruments to analyze the signal, making it a scalable solution with minimum hardware updates. The setup is only limited by the instantaneous bandwidth of the signal generator and the signal analyzer. IQSTAR embeds an IQ Measurement Interval selection tool to speed up the measurement process, identifying the most appropriate signal segment that best represents the original one in terms of statistical characteristics. This feature is very useful when a trade-off between measurement speed and accuracy is required. When instruments are equipped with DPD analysis options, IQ Module can control these options. It uses appropriate instrument drivers and enhances the power amplifier characterization by verifying its linearizability.