High-power devices require measurements in pulsed mode to mitigate thermal effects. However, pulsed options often add complexity to settings. Therefore, IQSTAR provides a simple user interface for full control of the pulse generators, the receivers, and the trigger signals. In addition, different instruments in the setup can be set with appropriate timings for the pulse setting and pulse measurements. To simplify the task for the end-user, IQSTAR embeds a Chronogram that describes, on a time axis, the pulse mode settings and a configuration panel where all the timing specifications can be set at once.


All instruments in pulsed mode are automatically showing up in the appropriate section of the chronogram: generators (RF signal Generators, DC supplies) and receivers (VNA, Multimeters, Power-Meters).
The measurement windows can be configured for each receiver, and once the chronogram is closed, all the settings are configured automatically in the appropriate instruments.