AMCAD Engineering

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Maury Microwave’s IVCAD Measurement and modeling Software powered by AMCAD Engineering completes the cycle from component to circuit level.

At component level:
Pulsed-IV and S-Parameters are used to extract Compact Transistor Models.
VNA based Harmonic Load Pull, is used to refine transistor models, and facilitate PA design.

At circuit level:
STAN tool helps to analyse your circuit design, and check the stability for linear and nonlinear operating conditions.

At system level:
AMCAD offers MHV black box behavioral models of power amplifiers, mixers, limiters to run simulations at system level.

IVCAD Visualization plug-in showing the Load Pull Viewer widow, with Power Sweep, Load Pull Contour, and Impedance Selections displays.

  • MT930A IVCAD Basic Application
  • MT930B IVCAD Visualization Suite
  • MT930C IVCAD Vector-Receiver Load Pull
  • MT930E IVCAD IV Curves for Load Pull
  • MT930F IVCAD Basic S-Parameters
  • MT930G IVCAD Time-Domain Waveforms
  • MT930H IVCAD Active Load Pull
  • MT930J IVCAD Pulsed IV Curves
  • MT930K IVCAD Pulsed S-Parameters
  • MT930L IVCAD Scripting Language
  • MT930M1 IVCAD Linear Model Extraction
  • MT930M2 IVCAD Non-linear Model Extraction
  • MT930M3 IVCAD Electro-thermal Model Extraction
  • MT930N IVCAD Database Analysis
  • MT930P IVCAD Measurement Toolbox
  • MT930Q IVCAD Stability Analysis Tool


  • IVCAD Outline

    IVCAD advanced measurement and modeling software addresses new challenge in modern RF and Microwave industry, at System, Circuit, or Component Levels.